Welcome to this demo site for the 1CRM Customer Connection portal for WordPress! You can explore it in two different ways to see how it all works:

  1. Anonymous visitor, who will only see a limited menu system.
  2. Logged in User (username = user, password = user) to see the full range of capabilities. Login here.

For security reasons, we do not allow admin logins.

While this demo site only shows features of the 1CRM Customer Connection portal, normally your WordPress administrator would install the Customer Connection WordPress plugin on your main company website, then configure how you want to present the portal features to your clients. Your website will gain a wide range of features that enable your clients to work with you more easily and efficiently. You can implement this on your WordPress website by yourself using this Guide, or you can have us do it for you.

Main Features

Help/Knowledge Base

The 1CRM Customer Connection enables you to add a Help / Knowledge Base system to your website. Visitors can navigate the Help system by clicking on Topics or Articles, and type in questions to find specific answers


The Customer Connection Dashboard can display several types of information for any client logged into your website. You can choose any or all of these to display: Service Cases, Software Bugs, Projects, Quotes, Invoices & Subscriptions.

Quotes, Invoices & Subscriptions

Your clients can view all of their Quotes, Invoices & Subscriptions. They can download Quotes as PDFs, sign them and re-upload them to indicate acceptance. They can download historical Invoices as PDFs, edit existing subscriptions, or create new subscriptions.

Projects & Service Cases

Your clients can see all of their Projects, and upload/download files. Each Project shows a task breakdown with progress & contact information for all project personnel. Clients can view existing Service Cases, upload notes & create new Cases.